(EPUB/eBook) Deconstructing Time, 3rd Edition: Illustrated Essay-blogs About the Human Experience of Time

2017-06-30T09:02:33Z (GMT) by Rick Doble
<div>This eBook (epub) version cannot be read online. You must download it. It also requires reader software to view. There is also a PDF version of this eBook at this same website. Download that version if you prefer. </div><div>Deconstructing Time is an eBook about the human experience of time. This 3rd Edition is almost twice the size of the 2nd Edition and is organized into sections. With over 500 pages, 60+ articles and 400+ photographs and diagrams, this book covers the human experience of time starting with human biology through the Paleolithic time period to our modern concept of time and includes personal and cultural aspects of time. This fully illustrated work is the result of almost five years of independent research from 2012 - 2017. </div><div>These articles were first published in Doble's blog DeconstructingTime which has recorded over 50,000 page views and has been seen by readers in more than half the countries of the world. Individual blog articles were also published separately for the academic community as PDF documents at Academia.edu and Figshare.com and have recorded over 2000 views and downloads. Doble's work has consistently been in the top 2-5% of documents accessed at Academia.edu. A number of articles have been reprinted on the Internet by various websites.<br></div><div>This eBook is published under the Creative Commons Copyright, so that scholars, students and researchers and others can use the information in this book without permission as long as they credit Rick Doble and the name of the eBook.<br></div><div><br></div>