EAK-4 Amino Acid Sequence and Alignment with Four C. elegans Homologs

2013-02-22T08:35:41Z (GMT) by Patrick J Hu Jinling Xu Gary Ruvkun

Sequences represent the entire predicted amino acid sequences of all five genes. EAK-4 sequence was derived from full-length cDNA amplified by RT-PCR from wild-type C. elegans total RNA. Alignment was constructed using ClustalX 1.8 and MacBoxshade 2.15. Shaded residues indicate amino acid identity and conservation. Mutated residues in three alleles of eak-4 are boxed, and the predicted amino acid change is indicated above the box. The conserved G at residue 2 and S/T/A (boxed) at residue 6 in the N-myristoylation consensus sequence [70] are denoted by an asterisk and a vertical arrow, respectively.