E6 reduces the luciferase activities of the full length and a series of deletion constructs of the human E-cadherin regulatory region, whilst reducing the occupancy of the transcriptional regulators within this region.

<p>(<b>a</b>) The pGL3 <i>Firefly</i> luciferase constructs were transfected into HCT116 (black bars) and HCT116 E6 (white bars) cells and 48 h later luciferase activities were measured. Activity was normalized to pRL-SV40 <i>Renilla</i> luciferase activity. Results are from three independent experiments. (<b>b</b>) HCT116 and HCT116 E6 cells were subjected to ChIP analysis followed by PCR to determine occupancy of transcriptional regulators AML1, Sp1 and Slug within the E-cadherin regulatory region. (<b>c</b>) Three independent experiments were quantified (Image J, NIH) to measure the relative percentage of AML1, Slug or Sp1 bound to the E-cadherin promoter in E6 cells relative to control cells.</p>