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Dsg3 but not Dsg2 depletion leads to loss of cell-cell adhesion.

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posted on 11.01.2013, 02:44 by Eva Hartlieb, Bettina Kempf, Miriam Partilla, Balázs Vigh, Volker Spindler, Jens Waschke

(A) Culture wells photographed after performance of the dispase-based dissociation assay under indicated conditions. Loss of cell-cell adhesion was detectable after AK23 incubation and siRNA-induced Dsg3 knockdown, but absent when Dsg2 levels were reduced by siRNA. (B) Mean fragment numbers per well under experimental conditions when control monolayers withstood the mechanical stress level and stayed intact. (n>20; * p<0.05 vs. n. t. siRNA) (C) Fragment numbers after exposing cell monolayers to higher mechanical stress. (n≥5; * p<0.05 vs. n. t. siRNA).