Distribution of regulation mechanisms for mitomycin C-induced and repressed transcriptome in ADP1 and 17978.

<p>The absolute number of genes induced (A) or repressed (panel B) by MMC in the transcriptome of ADP1 and 17978 is shown. The designation of regulon is represented by the following terms: Neither (genes requiring neither <i>umuDAb</i> nor <i>recA</i> for regulation), Both (genes requiring both <i>umuDAb</i> and <i>recA</i> for regulation), RecA (genes requiring only <i>recA</i> for regulation), or UmuDAb (genes requiring only <i>umuDAb</i> for regulation). (A) Many more repressed genes were observed in ADP1 than 17978, with UmuDAb sufficing for this repression in most genes; 17978 repressed genes required either UmuDAb or both UmuDAb and RecA. (B) A greater number of induced genes was observed in 17978 than ADP1, and these genes required either RecA or both RecA and UmuDAb. In comparison, ADP1 induced genes belong to four regulons (Neither, Both, RecA, or UmuDAb).</p>