Disruption of galectin-3 binding and multimerization impairs glycocalyx barrier function.

<p>(A) One-hour preincubation of stratified human corneal epithelial cell cultures with β-lactose—but not with the non-inhibitory controls of galectin binding, sucrose and maltose—resulted in a significant and transient increase in rose bengal uptake. (B) Incubation with rhGal3 after treatment with β-lactose allowed recovery of barrier function in corneal epithelial cells. On the other hand, addition of rhGal3C resulted in sustained rose bengal uptake by the cell culture. Representative images are shown in the left panel. Images were obtained using a 10× objective lens. All the experiments were performed in triplicate and represent the mean ±SD. ns, not significant, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001.</p>