Direct method yields very similar results as fits.

<p><b>A)</b> Layout is similar to <a href="" target="_blank">Fig 5B</a>. Each bar from there was split into two, depending on if a considered feature pair was judged significantly different (blue) or not (green) when evaluated with the direct method. The panel illustrates a strong tendency to find a significant effect with either both the direct method and all nine models, or with neither the direct method and none of the models. <b>B)</b> <i>z</i>-scored quantitative differences between direct and fitted method’s feature values is less than one standard deviation for almost all features independent of the model indicating a considerable quantitative agreement between the methods. Solid lines in violines mark 2.5%, 50% and 97.5% quantiles. Color code and model abbreviations are as in Figs <a href="" target="_blank">3</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">5</a>.</p>