Differential control of target mRNAs by the synthetic MicA variants.

<p>Northern blot analysis of <i>omp</i>A, <i>tsx</i>, <i>ecn</i>B and MicA transcripts. Total RNA was extracted from stationary phase cultures of Δ<i>mic</i>A cells transformed with a low copy number based plasmid (pWSK29) expressing either the wild-type copy of MicA or one of the mutated variants described in this work. Plasmids used were: pWSK29 (lane 1), pMicA-WT (lane 2), pMicA-5′mut (lane 3), pMicA-STEM1 (lane 4), pMicA-STEM2 (lane 5), pMicA-STEM1_2 (lane 6), pMicA-hfq (lane 7) and pMicA-3′mut2 (lane 8). 23S was used as loading control for the <i>omp</i>A and <i>tsx</i> transcripts (analysis from agarose Northern blots) while 5S was used as loading control for <i>ecn</i>B and MicA RNAs (analysis from polyacrylamide Northern blots).</p>



CC BY 4.0