Difference in model channel temperature dependencies produces bifurcation at high temperatures.

<p>Waveforms and corresponding phase plots are plotted as examples for two different <i>Q<sub>10</sub></i> relationships: (A) and (B) , . Phase plots have the gating variable <i>n</i> on the y-axis and the voltage on the x-axis. Thin green line is the V nullcline (the line where ) and the thin blue line is the <i>n</i> nullcline (where ). All red lines correspond to the duty cycle threshold line, chosen as the inward half activation voltage (−50 mV). Thickest black line is the limit cycle. Black dot is a stable fixed point. Lower panel plots capture simultaneous frequency, amplitude, and duty cycle plotted from 0 to 35°C with reference temperature of 11°C. Each point is calculated from the steady state solution of the model equations.</p>



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