Detection of <i>p23</i> and <i>CP</i> of HCRSV in newly emerged wild type (wt), (H to A) and (K, R to A, A) inoculated kenaf plants at 19 days post inoculation (dpi), respectively.

2013-09-03T02:12:22Z (GMT) by Ruimin Gao Sek-Man Wong
<p>(A) Both <i>p23</i> and <i>CP</i> genes were detected in the newly emerged leaves of plants infected with two mutants (H A) and (K, R A, A) at 19 dpi using RT-PCR. <i>Actin</i> gene was used as a loading control. The band intensity of each gene transcript from RT-PCR results was quantified using ImageJ. (B) Detection of HCRSV-CP protein in the wt, mutants H to A and K, R to A, A in the newly emerged kenaf leaves at 19 dpi. The CP expression level was below detection level for the two mutants.</p>