Despite large cell body current injections, elevated AP rates remain relatively unaffected.

(A) Traces from a single PRV 151 infected neuron at 15 hpi. Left, voltage trace during no current injection, right, voltage trace during positive (top) and negative (bottom) current injections. Voltage levels indicated at the lower edge of each trace. (B–E) Relationship between steady state voltage and AP firing rates during current injections. The total number of APs during a given voltage bin (5 mV) was divided by the maximum AP rate for that cell (max rate during any injection −0.15 to 0.14 nA). Ratios were averaged and plotted against steady state voltage. Note relatively unchanging AP rates of infected neurons as infection progressed. Mock n = 24, 4–8 hpi PRV 151 n = 9, 8–10 hpi n = 7, 14–16 hpi n = 15, 24–26 hpi n = 7.



CC BY 4.0