Design and Construction of NBPs harboring λ ZAP-CMV-apoptin expression plasmid.

(A) The expression vector was subsequently inserted into the λ phage, generating the recombinant NBPs, (B) Different cell types were infected with the indicated recombinant λ NBPs at an MOI of 10 PFU/cell and apoptin transcription was analyzed by RT-PCR, (C) RT-PCR result for λ ZAP-CMV vector treated cells that have no expression of apoptin, (D) Western blot analysis to detect apoptin protein from cells supernatants and lysates. To analyze apoptin expression, the cells were infected with the indicated recombinant NBPs. Purified apoptin was used as a positive control and CAV infected BT-474 cell was used as a negative control.



CC BY 4.0