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Density fraction neutralization of WT viruses by patient IgG, anti-SR-BI, anti-CD81, anti-LDL and anti-HDL.

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posted on 27.12.2012, 02:32 by George Koutsoudakis, Jakub Dragun, Sofia Pérez-del-Pulgar, Mairene Coto-Llerena, Laura Mensa, Gonzalo Crespo, Patricia González, Miquel Navasa, Xavier Forns

WT viruses were resolved using an iodixanol step gradient. (A) Infections of individual fractions in the presence of patient IgG, anti-SR-BI (C167) or anti-CD81 (JS-81). (B) Similar infections as described in (A) were performed with pre-incubated viruses with anti-ApoE, anti-HDL or anti-LDL. All points represent the mean of duplicate infections measured in duplicate (n = 4, ± SD). Results are drawn from a representative experiment of two independent experiments.