Demographics and Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Patients with IgAN.

<p>Values are presented as the means ± standard deviation (SD) if the variables showed a normal distribution and as medians (IQR) if the variables did not show a normal distribution; n (%) was used for the categorical variables.</p><p>SBP: systolic blood pressure; DBP: diastolic blood pressure; MAP: mean arterial blood pressure; SCr: serum creatinine; BUN: blood urea nitrogen; eGFR: estimated glomerular filtration rate; UA: serum uric acid; Hb: hemoglobin; ALB: serum albumin; UPE: 24-h urinary protein excretion; uRBC/HP: hematuria; TA-ALB: time-averaged serum albumin; TA-SCr: time-averaged serum creatinine; TA-eGFR: time-averaged eGFR; TA-UPE: time-averaged 24-h urinary protein excretion; Peak UPE: maximum level of UPE during follow-up; Peak SCr: maximum level of SCr during follow-up; Minimum ALB: minimum level of ALB; Minimum eGFR: minimum eGFR during follow-up; UPE ratio: (UPE at follow-up—baseline UPE) / baseline UPE.</p><p>Demographics and Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Patients with IgAN.</p>