DSC thermograms of serum samples from healthy individuals and patients with MGUS-κ.

Samples were gathered as MGUS-κ based on the κ light chain that was found associated with different monoclonal immunoglobulin heavy chains. (A) A set of thermograms obtained from six healthy (control) serum samples. The panel shows an average healthy control plot (dashed brown line) and the standard deviation (shadow). (B) A set of thermograms of serum samples obtained from MGUS patients with IgG κ subtype. (C) Another set of themograms obtained from individuals with IgG κ subtype. For the ease of visualization, thermograms were clustered in either panel B or C based on the similarity of their DSC profiles. (D) Thermograms from patients having IgG1-κ subclass. (E) Thermograms from patients having IgA κ (black) or IgM κ (red) subtypes. For the sake of comparison, the average healthy (control) thermogram (dashed brown line) is presented in all the panels.