DENV diffuses along the cell surface and joins a pre-existing clathrin-coated pit.

<p>(A) Overlay of a series of time-lapsed images of a virus particle prior to entering a pre-existing clathrin-coated pit. Each depicted virus image (red) is taken 4 seconds apart, and the positions are connected in time with white arrows. For clarity, the LCa-eYFP signal (green) was averaged over 10 seconds, starting at the moment when the virus first overlaps the clathrin-coated pit. Scale bar is 10 µm. (B) MSD-plot for 5 example virus trajectories prior to association with clathrin-coated pits. The diffusion constants are 0.003 µm<sup>2</sup>/s (squares), 0.009 µm<sup>2</sup>/s (asterisks), 0.047 µm<sup>2</sup>/s (triangles), 0.107 µm<sup>2</sup>/s (diamonds), and 0.159 µm<sup>2</sup>/s (circles). (C) Diffusion constants of virus particles prior to entrance into a clathrin-coated pit (light gray bars), during colocalization with clathrin (black bars), and on cells treated with chlorpromazine (dashed bars).</p>