CypA inhibits the replication of influenza virus in CypA rescued cells.

A: Western blot assay of the amount of CypA in both 293T/CypA+ and 293T/CypA− cell lines. B: Re-expression of CypA in 293T/CypA− cell line. 293T/CypA− cells were transfected with plasmids (4 µg) encoding Myc-tagged WT CypA or pCMV-Myc as control. At 36 h p.t., transfected cells were infected with WSN virus (MOI = 0.1). At 16 h p. i., total cell lysates were detected by Western blot using anti-M1, anti-Myc and anti-β-actin. The protein levels of M1 were quantified. Data are presented as ± SD from three independent experiments. Significant differences (P<0.01, t-test) are indicated by two asterisks. C: Re-expression of CypA in 293T/CypA− cell line inhibited influenza virus replication. The media were collected and assayed for virus titers by plaque assay. The data represent the means of three independent experiments.