Ctl1 is required for autophagic transport and normal PAS organization.

<p>(A) The predicted membrane topology of Ctl1. (B,C) A fluorescence loss in photobleaching (FLIP) assay revealed the immobilized and non-diffusible pools of Tdh1-YFP. Yellow dots mark the sites of photobleaching. (B) In non-starved cells, only nuclear YFP signal remained in post-FLIP images. (C) In starved cells, vacuolar YFP signal was observed in post-FLIP images of wild-type, but not <i>atg5</i>Δ or <i>ctl1</i>Δ cells. (D) Ring-shaped and C-shaped structures labeled by CFP-Atg8 appeared in <i>ctl1</i>Δ cells after prolonged starvation. (E) Time-lapse images of a <i>ctl1</i>Δ cell. (F) The localization patterns of other Atg proteins in <i>ctl1</i>Δ cells containing CFP-Atg8-labeled structures. (G) Time-lapse images of a <i>ctl1</i>Δ cell expressing both CFP-Atg8 and YFP-Atg2. Bars, 3 µm.</p>