Corallum Shape and Soft Part Anatomy.

2013-02-20T16:24:36Z (GMT) by Stephen D. Cairns

(A) Stylaster roseus, RSMAS, typical branching colony shape, (B) Distichopora anceps, USNM 56338, lamellar colony shape, (C) Decalcified corallum of Stylaster profundus from Moseley (plate 6 of [13]], showing gastrozooids (gz), dactylozooids (dz), dactylotomes (dt), male gonozooids (gz), and coenosteal canals (cc), (D) Stylaster brunneus, WAM 551-87, unusual brown coloration of corallum, (E) Errinopsis reticulum, ZIZM, sieve-like reticulum corallum.