Conformational change induced inhibition of adhesion by nanobodies NbFedF6 and NbFedF7.

<p>Superimposition of the FedF-blood group A type 1 hexasaccharide (A6-1) co-complex structure (colored yellow) with the co-complex structures of FedF-NbFedF6 (<b>A</b>) and FedF-NbFedF7 (<b>B</b>) (β-strands, α-helices and loops are colored respectively cyan, red and grey). Both NbFedF6 and NbFedF7 induce a conformational change in the D″-E loop that is protruding from the FedF surface thereby reorienting the loop outwards from the A6-1 binding site. A6-1 is depicted in stick model with carbon, oxygen and nitrogen atoms colored respectively purple, red and blue.</p>