Comparisons of baseline characteristics between survivors and non-survivors.

2015-09-30T03:02:27Z (GMT) by Zhongheng Zhang Kun Chen Lin Chen
<p>Note:</p><p>* p<0.001 compared between survivors and nonsurvivors.</p><p><sup><b>¶</b></sup> The “primary” should be the most immediate cause. For example, a patient with multiple trauma who develops sepsis and then ALI: primary cause = sepsis; secondary cause = trauma.</p><p><sup><b>§</b></sup> For volume targeted mode.</p><p><sup><b>$</b></sup> Sepsis can be defined as proven or suspected. Suspected infection here means those without proven infection and the infection site is not known.</p><p>Abbreviations:</p><p>APACHE III: Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation III</p><p>ALI: acute lung injury.</p><p>MICU: medical ICU</p><p>SICU: surgical ICU</p><p>CCU: coronary care unit</p><p>MAP: mean arterial pressure.</p><p>Comparisons of baseline characteristics between survivors and non-survivors.</p>