Comparisons between species recorded in the Ilha Grande Bay survey and their records in the others inventories analyzed in the present study.

<p><b>C</b>: cryptogenic species; <b>I</b>: introduced species; <b>N</b>: native species. <b>1</b>: Brazil, RJ - Ilha Grande Bay; <b>2</b>: Gulf of Mexico <a href="" target="_blank">[34]</a>; <b>3</b>: USA - Tampa Bay <a href="" target="_blank">[35]</a>; <b>4</b>: European Coast - Atlantic Ocean <a href="" target="_blank">[36]</a>; <b>5</b>: Israel Coast - Mediterranean Sea <a href="" target="_blank">[37]</a>; <b>6</b>: Portugal - Azores <a href="" target="_blank">[38]</a>; <b>7</b>: Mediterranean Sea <a href="" target="_blank">[36]</a>; <b>8</b>: Caspian Sea <a href="" target="_blank">[39]</a>; <b>9</b>: Baltic Sea <a href="" target="_blank">[36]</a>; <b>10</b>: Black Sea <a href="" target="_blank">[36]</a>; <b>11</b>: North Sea <a href="" target="_blank">[36]</a>; <b>12</b>: American Samoa - Pago Pago Harbor, Fagatele Bay and National Park Coast <a href="" target="_blank">[40]</a>; <b>13</b>: Australia, Victoria - Port Phillip Bay <a href="" target="_blank">[41]</a>; <b>14</b>: Tasmania - Port of Launceston <a href="" target="_blank">[42]</a>; <b>15</b>: Chile <a href="" target="_blank">[43]</a>; <b>16</b>: USA, Hawaii - Pearl Harbor <a href="" target="_blank">[44]</a>; <b>17</b>: USA, Hawaii - Lāna’i <a href="" target="_blank">[45]</a>; <b>18</b>: USA, California - Elkhorn Slough <a href="" target="_blank">[46]</a>.</p>