Comparison of three treatments at 45dpi by using predicted model values.

<p>Statistical analysis was performed for each day before and after the treatment. A, C) Horizontal nocturnal activity of rHIgM12-treated mice as compared to control IgM- and saline-treated mice significantly diverged on day 13 (p = 0.015) and day 9 (p = 0.036) post-treatment, respectively. B, D) Vertical (rearing) activity of rHIgM12-treated mice diverged/improved on day 14 (p = 0.019) and day 6 (p = 0.037) post-treatment, respectively. E, F) Comparisons of control IgM- vs. saline-treated mice did not reveal major biological changes neither for horizontal (E) nor for vertical (F) activity. Black arrows denote days with onset of significant improvement. The pointwise 95% confidence bands are given for each day.</p>



CC BY 4.0