Comparison of right radius and ulna of <i>Phascolarctos cinereus</i> (A, E, G; UNSW2430) and <i>Nimbadon lavarackorum</i> (B, D, QM F40346 [mirror image]; C, QM F41097b [mirror image]; F, QM F56233; H, QM F56232; I, QM F56235a).

<p><b>A–B</b>, radius in lateral view; <b>C</b>, proximal radius in posterior view; <b>D</b>, radius in proximal view; <b>E–F</b>, proximal ulna in anterior view; <b>G–H</b>, ulna in lateral view; <b>I</b>, distal ulna in anterior view. Abbreviations: ap, anconeal process; bb, insertion for biceps brachii and brachialis muscles; cd, capitular depression, cp, coronoid process; op, olecranon process; rn, radial notch; rt, radial tuberosity; stpr, styloid process of radius; stpu, styloid process of ulna; tbcm, insertion for triceps brachii caput mediale; tn, trochlea notch; ufr, ulnar facet of radial head. Scale bars = 1 cm.</p>