Comparison of divergence ages in several Ascomycota clades.

2013-06-14T00:34:20Z (GMT) by María Prieto Mats Wedin

The mean divergence time estimates and their associated 95% credibility intervals (y–axis) for selected nodes within Ascomycota for the 4 scenarios studied (x–axis) are represented. A: node 1, Ascomycota crown; B: node 2, Pezizomycotina crown; C: node 3, Pezizomycetes–“Leotiomyceta”; D: node 9, Lichinomycetes–Coniocybomycetes; E: node 10, Coniocybomycetes crown; F: node 19, Lecanoromycetes crown; G: node 20, Eurotiomycetes crown; H: node 33, Ostropomycetidae; I: node 43, Ostropales; J: node 46, Lecanoromycetidae crown; K: node 47, Lecanorales crown; L: node 41, Arctomiaceae.