Comparison between pentaplex PCR and NCI panel of markers to determine MMR-deficiency in colorectal cancers.

<p><b>A</b>) The figure shows the performance comparison between the NCI panel markers and the QMVR optimized pentaplex PCR. Black squares indicate a tumor positive for allelic variation (or unstable) and white squares indicate a tumor negative for any allele variations (or stable). The dinucleotide repeat markers (D2S123, D5S346 and D17S250) are less robust than the mononucleotide repeats for detecting MSI. <b>B</b>) The figure illustrates the frequency of tumors with number of markers displaying allelic variations in MMR-deficient and proficient CRCs. As indicated, pentaplex PCR shows a higher sensitivity and specificity compared to NCI panel of markers, and the distribution of altered markers is unambiguously bimodal.</p>