Comparative linkage maps among Vigna radiata (left: rad), V. unguiculata (middle: ung), and V. vexillata (right: vex) based on common SSR markers.

Linkage group 4 (LG 4) of V. vexillata (vex 4) was placed to the left and LG 7 of V. vexillata (vex 7) was placed to the right of LG4 of V. radiata (rad 4) to show the relationships of common markers. The positions of common markers were connected by dotted lines. Markers which were mapped on different LGs among 3 Vigna species were written in red text. Major translocations were indicated by red arrows. The species abbreviation name and number in parentheses below red text marker names, e.g., (vex 5) indicate that the species and linkage group number on which corresponding marker was mapped.