Circulating matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 levels at rest and 2-75 min after exercise.

<p>Data points indicate mean serum concentrations (± SEM) at the initial and final exercise sessions of a 6-week training intervention (n = 13). Significant differences from resting levels (time effect): †<i>P</i><0.05, ††<i>P</i><0.001; significant differences from the initial exercise at the same time point <sup>#</sup><i>P</i><0.05; significant differences between groups at the final exercise *<i>P</i><0.01. (A) Acute effects of resistance exercise (RE) and resistive vibration exercise (RVE): MMP-2 was elevated from resting levels only in the RE group. (B) Long-term effects: the acute response after the final exercise in the RVE group was elevated over the time course measured at the initial exercise and the RVE group depicted significantly higher MMP-2 levels at all time points compared to the RE group.</p>



CC BY 4.0