Characterization of ear defects in <i>β-tectorin</i> morphants.

<p>The expression levels of the following inner ear marker genes, such as starmaker (<i>stm</i>) (A), otolith matrix protein 1 (<i>omp-1</i>) (B), and zona pellucida-like domain-containing protein-like 1 (<i>zpDL1</i>) (C), were examined by whole-mount <i>in situ</i> hybridization in <i>β-tectorin</i> morphants. <i>Stm</i> signals in the anterior macula (am) of <i>β-tectorin</i> morphants decreased or even disappeared in fishes with either fused (panels b and b′) or single otoliths (panels c and c′), as indicated by arrows. <i>zpDL1</i> signals in the lateral crista (lc) of <i>β-tectorin</i> morphants vanished. Black bars, 100 µm (D) Confocal microscopy image analysis of <i>β</i>-tectorin morphants injected with FM1-43 dyes into the otic vesicle at 72 hpf. After injection, hair cells in anterior crista (ac), lateral crista (lc), macula (m) and posterior crista (pc) of control MO-injected embryos can take up FM1-43 dyes. White bar, 50 µm.</p>