Characteristics of RV vectors in cultured cells.

<p><b>A</b>: Photomicrographs of RV-vector-infected NA cells 9 dpi. Infection of the viral vector can be confirmed by immunofluorescence of the N protein (green). Note that rHEP5.0-ΔG-mRFP-infected cells show stronger mRFP fluorescence (red) than rHEP5.0-CVSG-mRFP-infected cells. The arrows show cells with fragmented nucleus that was revealed by the Hoechst staining (blue). Scale bar = 20 μm. <b>B</b>: Fluorescence intensity of infected cells (mean ± SEM) at different post-infection times. <b>C</b>: Resting membrane potential (mean ± SEM) of infected cells and uninfected control cells at 4 dpi, when the resting membrane potential of rHEP5.0-CVSG-mRFP-infected cells is significantly (*p < 0.016) higher than that of the rHEP5.0-CVSG-mRFP-infected cells and that of the control cells.</p>