CcpA affect at P<i><sub>ldh1</sub></i> is indirect.

<p><b>A.</b> EMSA with His-tagged CcpA using P<i><sub>ldh</sub></i><sub>1</sub> (LEFT) or P<i><sub>rocD</sub></i><sub>2</sub> (RIGHT) as probes and an internal <i>hmp</i> fragment as a non-specific probe (N.S. band). Only at highest ratios of CcpA::DNA did non-specific shifted bands become evident using P<i><sub>ldh</sub></i><sub>1</sub> as a probe (white arrows). 250 fmol of DNA probes were used in all wells. <b>B.</b> Alignment of CRE from P<i><sub>ldh</sub></i><sub>1</sub>, P<i><sub>rocD</sub></i><sub>2</sub>, the <i>B. subtilis</i> consensus sequence and the mutated CRE<sup>*</sup>. <b>C.</b> Q RT-PCR analyses of <i>ldh</i>1 transcript levels normalized to those of <i>rpoD</i> in WT, Δ<i>ccpA</i> and CRE<sup>*</sup> derivatives of <i>S. aureus</i> strain COL following 15 min. NO· exposure (2 mM DEA-NO).</p>