Catalog of Gene Expression in Adult Retina

The most commonly observed patterns of gene expression in the adult retina are indicated. Data are taken from Table S5 and cover all genes examined in the adult retina. Genes are placed in a category corresponding to a single cell type if expression is substantially greater in that cell type than in any of the other cell types examined. Genes are placed in categories corresponding to multiple cell types if expression is approximately equal in more than one cell type. The number of genes expressed in photoreceptors and Müller glia differs somewhat from those used in the analysis shown in Figure 5A, since the expression of a large number of photoreceptor-enriched genes was not examined prenatally, and a number of Müller-enriched genes were detectable in Müller glia through the end of the second postnatal week, but not in adult retina. AC, amacrine cells; BC, bipolar cells; GC,ganglion cells; HC, horizontal cells; MG, Müller glia; sAC, subset of amacrine cells; sBC, subset of bipolar cells; sGC, subset of ganglion cells