Camera-trap locations

<p>(<b>n = 224</b>) <b>and indices of patrol effort, hunting activity, habitat, and prey biomass in Mole National Park, Ghana.</b> (A) Index of law enforcement patrol effort (i.e., “protection”) calculated as the density of patrol pathways covered between Oct. 2006 and May 2008 (also showing the location of villages within 10 km of the park boundary); (B) NDVI, the normalized difference vegetation index (from MODIS/Terra sensor) summed over the study period (i.e., integrated NDVI, Oct. 2006 – Jan. 2009); (C) Index of illegal hunting activity detected by law enforcement patrols (observations per unit patrol effort); (D) Patrol-based, multi-season index of biomass for prey species weighing less than 18 kg (standardized by patrol effort). No data were obtained in the white areas within the park boundary.</p>