Cadherin-23 is upregulated in breast cancer.

2012-03-07T00:32:13Z (GMT) by Maria Apostolopoulou Lee Ligon

Samples from breast cancer (n = 58, including both in situ and invasive carcinomas) and healthy breast tissue (n = 8) were labeled with cadherin-23 antibodies and blindly scored for overall (top panel), stromal (middle panel) and epithelial (bottom panel) cadherin-23 labeling (‘−’: no expression; ‘+’: low expression; ‘++’: high expression) (A). In all cases carcinoma samples showed significantly higher expression (Wilcoxon Rank-Sum test, p = 0.01). Representative carcinoma (in situ) (B) (scored as ‘++’) and normal breast (C) tissue (scored as ‘−’) labeled with cadherin-23 antibodies. Arrow in (B) points to a duct with intense cadherin-23 labeling that is budding into the stroma. Insets in (B–C) show a higher magnification of the enclosed area. Scale = 0.1 mm.




CC BY 4.0