CTPsyn mutants.

2013-02-14T02:14:33Z (GMT) by Ghows Azzam Ji-Long Liu
<p>(A) Genetic map of CTPsyn and the insertion site of <i>p-element</i> in three mutants <i>CTPsyn<sup>d6099</sup></i>, <i>CTPsyn<sup>e01207</sup></i> and <i>CTPsyn<sup>d07411</sup></i>. (B) Comparison of the expressions of CTPsyn isoforms in larvae from <i>y w</i> and three <i>CTPsyn</i> mutants (<i>CTPsyn<sup>d6099</sup></i>, <i>CTPsyn<sup>e01207</sup></i> and <i>CTPsyn<sup>d07411</sup></i>). While dramatic decrease of isofrom C expression occurs in <i>CTPsyn<sup>d6099</sup></i> and <i>CTPsyn<sup>e01207</sup></i>, isoform A expression is hugely diminished in <i>CTPsyn<sup>d07411</sup></i>.</p>