CTC Flow cell operation and performance.

<p>(A) Flow cytometry histograms of H1650, BT20, H1419, SK-Mel-28 and MCF7 cells labeled with 1 ug/mL of anti Trop2, Muc1, Her2, MelCAM and EpCAM antibodies respectively. Control antibody threshold is indicated by the red line (B) Recovery and purity of target cells using magnetophoretic capture from NHD blood: 90 cells/mL were spiked into NHD blood and purified on the LiquidBiopsy platform. Recovered cells were enumerated in the flow cell. Graphs show average recovery and purity of target cells +/−1 SD from 4 experiments for H1650, BT20, H1419 and SK-Mel-28 capture and 100 experiments for MCF7 capture.</p>