CRMP-2-GFP expression pattern in fibroblasts.

<p>Human foreskin fibroblasts were transfected with CRMP-2-GFP (green signal), fixed and stained with anti-acetylated tubulin antibodies (red signal). The last column shows merged images. A) GFP signal was observed at the basal body (arrow) and –at a low level- at the primary cilium (arrowhead). The inset shows an offset of an enlarged part of the image to compare staining patterns for acetylated tubulin and CRMP-2-GFP. B) and C) show examples of transfected cells with CRMP-2-GFP in concentrations in the primary cilium (arrows). D) Shows an example of the unequal distribution of CRMP-2-GFP occasionally observed: the inset shows an offset for comparison of the signals. Bars indicate 10 μm. Magnification: 100X.</p>