CRISPR systems of <i>Hqr. walsbyi</i> strains C23<sup>T</sup> and HBSQ001.

<p>Three CRISPR loci are present in C23<sup>T</sup>, associated with two separate groups of Cas genes (coloured yellow and pink). No Cas genes, and only one, residual CRISPR with 5 spacers, are found in HBSQ001. The DR (direct repeat) sequences are shown beneath the CRISPRs. Shading between the leader sequence of CRISPR-2 of C23<sup>T</sup> and CRISPR-1 of HBSQ001 indicate that they are nearly identical in sequence. The relative position and orientation of ORF HB2151A is shown along with an arrow indicating where it matches (exactly) a spacer sequence in CRISPR-3 of C23<sup>T</sup>. Similarly, the spacer sequences in HBSQ001 that are closely similar to sequences in C23<sup>T</sup> are indicated by arrows, labeled spacer-related sequences, which point to their matching locations in the C23<sup>T</sup> genome. Nucleotide positions are given beneath the CRISPRs and details of the matching spacer sequences are given in <a href="" target="_blank">Table S7</a>.</p>



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