CRISPR profiles obtained for the 18 strains and two genomes of <i>S. enterica</i> serotype Typhi.

<p>The spacer sequences and direct repeat (DR) sequences are indicated. The set of strains and genomes has been reported elsewhere <a href="" target="_blank">[15]</a>. “n” is the number of strains harboring each profile. Haplotypes <a href="" target="_blank">[19]</a> are indicated, to illustrate the genetic diversity of the strains studied. ND, not determined. The primers used for serotype Typhi-specific amplification (TY-F and TY-R) and those for amplification of the entire CRISPR2 sequence (B1 and B2) <a href="" target="_blank">[15]</a> are indicated in different colors.</p>