CPPecp upregulates IFN-β expression but not autophagy induction.

(A) THP-1 cells were co-cultured with Der p 2 (1.5ug/ml) and CPPecp (10–100)uM for six hours, IFN-β expression was detect by RT-PCR and IFN-β secreted in the supernatant (sup) and β-actin in the cell lysates (cell) was detect by western blot. (B) CD14+ cells derived from HDM-allergic patients (n = 4) were co-cultured with Der p 2 (1.5ug/ml) and CPPecp 100uM for six hours. Culture supernatant were collected and expressions of IFN-β were detected by ELISA. Bars and error bars indicate mean and standard error of the mean (SEM), respectively.* p<0.05, compared to control. (C) THP-1 cells were treated with CPPecp 100uM over a time course. Autophagosomes were stained with Cyto-ID and fluorescence was detected by flowcytometry. Results shown are representative of three independent experiments.