CNO increases PR-performance and locomotor activity.

(A) Injections of different doses of clozapine-N-oxide (CNO) led to transient increases in the number of active lever presses. (B) The number of inactive lever presses was dose-dependently affected by injections of CNO. The amount of lever presses are depicted as bars representing group means+SEM. *indicates a significant difference in lever presses between CNO and saline treatments of p<0.05. (C) Injections of CNO also had a transient and dose-dependent effect on locomotor activity. Data in C are presented as the group means of home cage activity ± SEM, binned into one hour periods. Shaded in light gray are circles and triangles that represent the effect of saline injections the day before and after CNO injection respectively. *indicates a significant difference between CNO and saline treatments in locomotor activity 3–7 hours after injections of p<0.05.