CLOCK and BMAL1 up-regulate the expression of <i>C/ebpα</i> promoter.

<p>(A) Comparison of mouse rat and human <i>C/ebpα</i> E-boxes. <i>C/ebpα</i> promoter contains two putative E-boxes within 1.4 kb region upstream of transcription start site. Consensus E-box sequences are shown in bold type. Positions from transcription start sites are shown in parentheses. This figure is based on information derived from the Mammalian Promoter/Enhancer Database (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>). (B) Schematic representation of reporter gene and constructs of <i>C/ebpα</i>promoter region. Plasmid <i>pGL3-1400</i> contains 1.4 kb upstream region of the <i>C/ebpα</i> transcription start site. Plasmid <i>pGL3-BASIC</i> does not contain <i>C/ebpα</i> promoter region. (C) Reporter gene assay for <i>C/ebpα</i> promoter. CLOCK, BMAL1 and CRY1 are overexpressed with the reporter constructs in NIH 3T3. <i>pGL3-1400</i> reporter was up-regulated by CLOCK and BMAL1 then CRY1 supressed the expression. Each column comes from triplicate experiments. Data are presented as mean ± SEM (n = 3, *: p<0.01).</p>