CH872 and CA272 antileishmanial activity against intracellular L. major amastigotes.

A) Infected THP-1 cells in the presence of 1% DMSO as a negative control (left) and EC100 obtained with 10 µM of amphotericin B as a positive control (right). B) Structures of CH872 (left) and CA272 (right). C) Infected THP-1 cells in the presence of 1 nM of CH872 (left) and 1 nM of CA272 (right) as non-active concentrations of the compounds and D) in the presence of 0.7 µM of CH872 (left) and 10 µM of CA272 (right) as effective concentrations from the dose-response curves. E) Dose-response curves of the compounds CH872 and CA272 plotting the infection ratio (continuous lines) and relative number of parasites compared to the DMSO control (dashed lines).



CC BY 4.0