CD68 protein expression levels in lung tumor tissue, adjacent tumor tissue and surrounding non-tumorous lung tissue from lung cancer patients.

<p>Scale bar = 20 µm. (<b>A</b>) Adenocarcinoma; (<b>B</b>) Squamous cell carcinoma; (<b>C</b>) adjacent adenocarcinoma tissue; (<b>D</b>) adjacent squamous cell carcinoma tissue; (<b>E</b>) non-tumor. CD68 were mainly detected in cytoplasm of macrophages with brown staining. Positive cell number of CD68 in adjacent lung cancer tissue (<b>C–D</b>) was more than that in lung cancer tissues (<b>A–B</b>) and non-tumorous lung tissues (<b>E</b>) (n = 67, <i>P</i><0.05).</p>