C2C12 differentiation is curtailed upon suppression of eIF4AI and eIF4AII.

(A) Western blot analysis of siRNA- or hippuristanol- treated C2C12 cells at the indicated times following induction of differentiation. Blots were probed with antibodies to the proteins indicated to the left of the panels. (B) Phase contrast images of siRNA- or hippuristanol- (125 nM) treated C2C12 myoblasts at initiation (Day 0) or three days post-induction of differentiation. Scale bars represent 50 µm. (C) Immunofluorescence images of siRNAs or hippuristanol treated C2C12 cells at day 3 after induction of differentiation. Myofiber formation was analyzed by immunofluorescence using anti-myosin HC and anti-myoglobin antibodies. Scale bars represent 50 µm. (D) Fusion index of muscle fibers (% Differentiation). n = 3±SEM. (E) Quantification of myofibers/field. n = 3±SEM.