Biochemical detection of COP1 in the cytoplasm and nucleus.

<p>Seedlings of five-day-old (<b>A</b>) Col-0 and (<b>B</b>) <i>ein2</i> and <i>ein3-1 Arabidopsis</i> plants grown under long-day conditions (16-h light/8-h dark) were treated with 50 µM CHX and 5 µM MG132, supplemented with or without 25 µM ACC for 15 h, and then the nuclear proteins were extracted as described in the <a href="" target="_blank">Materials and methods</a> (N: nuclear protein, S: soluble fraction, cytoplasmic protein). Immunoblotting was performed using anti-COP1, -histone 3 (H3), and -TUB4 antibodies. The TUB4 and H3 signals confirm equal protein loading. All of the seedlings were illuminated with white light (50 µmol/m<sup>2</sup>s).</p>




CC BY 4.0