Binding of anti-CCR4 scFv fragments to avian DT40 cells transfected with human CCR4.

<p>The results of titration on DT40/CCR4 and non-transfected DT40 cells are shown for scFv 17G (<b>a</b>), 9E (<b>b</b>), 1O (<b>c</b>) and 11F (<b>d</b>). Binding of scFv fragments in the presence of increasing concentrations of CCR4 ligands CCL22 and CCL17 is shown in panels (<b>e</b>) and (<b>f</b>), respectively. As a control, a scFv fragment derived from hybridoma KM2160 was used. Cell binding was analyzed by flow cytometry; bound scFv fragments were detected with anti-cMyc antibody followed by anti-human-PE immunoconjugates. Median fluorescence intensity is plotted against the scFv concentration (µg/mL); the results of representative experiments from three repeats are shown.</p>