Based on the GO annotations, the proteins from <i>A. cerana</i> larvae fed with RJM or RJC, and by CSBV challenge, were grouped by the broad biological processes (BP).

<p>A, B, C: up-regulated proteins; D, E, F: down-regulated proteins. RJC: royal jelly from <i>A. cerana</i>; RJM: royal jelly from <i>A. mellifera</i>; A, D: 3-day <i>Ac</i> larvae fed with RJM; B, E: 3-day <i>Ac</i> larvae fed with RJC, and infected with CSBV; C, F: 3-day <i>Ac</i> larvae fed with RJM, and infected with CSBV.</p>