Association between the combined genotypes of polymorphisms and clinicopathologic parameters of PCa.

<p>Bold-faced values indicate significant difference.</p>*<p>Adjusted for age, smoking status, drinking status and family history of cancer in logistic regression model; 95% CI: 95% confidence interval; OR: odds ratio.</p>†<p>Clinical staging according to the international TNM system for PCa. Localized: T<sub>1–2</sub>N<sub>0</sub>M<sub>0</sub>; Advanced: T<sub>3–4</sub>N<sub>x</sub>M<sub>x</sub> or T<sub>x</sub>N<sub>1</sub>M<sub>x</sub> or T<sub>x</sub>N<sub>x</sub>M<sub>1</sub>.</p>