Annotation of R. felis large (pRF) and small (pRFδ) plasmid-encoded genes that are absent on the R. felis chromosome, and their distribution in other rickettsiae, other bacterial sequences, and other non-bacterial taxa.


ORF labels that are bolded depict putative genes that are unknown from other published rickettsiae genomes.


AG = ancestral group, TG = typhus group, TRG = transitional group, SFG = spotted fever group, bac = present (y) or absent (n) in a diverse array of non-rickettsial bacteria, or present in a few (f) bacteria, nb = present (y) or absent (n) in non-bacterial organisms. Presence (y) or absence (n) of putative orthologs found in other plasmids (pl) are listed. Br = R. bellii str. RML369-C, Bo = R. bellii str. OSU 85 389, Ca = R. canadensis str. McKiel, Pr = R. prowazekii str. Madrid E, Ty = R. typhi str. Wilmington, Ak = R. akari str. Hartford, Fe = R. felis str. URRWXCal2, Ri = R. rickettsii, Co = R. conorii str. Malish 7, and Si = R. sibirica str. 246. r = reduced gene relative to the plasmid gene, t = truncated gene relative to the plasmid gene, s = split gene relative to the plasmid gene.